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Habits for Health, LLC offers health and wellness coaching to help you build healthy habits so that you can thrive and not just survive. We can help you prevent or overcome chronic lifestyle diseases with healthy habits that fit YOU.

Foundational lifestyle habits determine long-term health. The most common root causes of chronic dis-ease are Crap Food, Stress, and Toxins. Insufficient sleep, joy, oxygen, movement, and connection with nature cannot be replaced with drugs or supplements. No amount of esoteric science and intervention will overcome your need to to sustain health-promoting, foundational habits. And these healthy habits are most likely sustained if they are convenient, pleasurable, and affirmed by some type of community.

Everything in the body is interconnected. The upstream root cause of a symptom and where it is experienced is often far distant from the root cause. And the collection of dis-ease root causes is unique for each person. 

Resilient health repels disease. Each unique person has the ability to get well, and stay well by restoring resilient health. Habits for Health, LLC offers education, inspiration, and empowerment to help you take back ownership of your health.

The body is strong and adaptive and has a natural, default state of wellness and vitality. Chronic dis-ease is evidence of a failure to Maximize, Minimize, and Prioritize what each unique person needs – dynamically – over time. At the root of chronic disease is an evolutionary mismatch between our lifestyle choices and circumstances and the life experience we wish to have. This is a disconnect that can be improved and often reversed.

Dis-ease precedes disease and is evidence of imbalance, blockage, or impairment in natural functioning. Dis-ease is not defined by lab reference ranges and may not be reflected in lab values at all. Habits for Health, LLC focuses on identifying underlying dynamics of dis-ease on a unique person vs, waiting until a diagnostic label is applied to symptoms once they hare severe enough by engaging early and proactively as possible to try to reverse these dis-ease dynamics.

There are multiple stages to the healing journey. Rapid relief is important, but is only the beginning. Dramatic relief requires addressing most or all of the root causes, not just the first one. Preventing dis-ease recurrence requires establishing and consistently maintaining Healthy Foundations in Daily Life Habits. 

You are empowered! Take control of your health now!